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Why Topgrading Interviews are Not the Best

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Reasons why topgrading interviews aren't great

Are topgrading interviews the best way to go? That’s a resounding and collective “no” from us. Now there’s a great way to put your candidate at ease…by putting them on edge right from the jump.   

Topgrading interviews which are evidence-based, is as disheartening as being on a witness stand getting cross-examined by a prosecutor for a crime you didn’t commit or was a witness to. Perhaps that’s a little harsh a comparison, but honestly it is not far from the truth. 

Yes, traditional interviews aren’t ideal but a skilled and experienced interviewer does not have to give a candidate heart palpitations or a stroke just to find out if they’re a suitable candidate or not. Some bored know-it-all MBA grad probably came up with this bright idea. 

One can understand the reasoning behind topgrading interviews and certain aspects of the concept is actually commendable, such as prodding the candidate to give a little more detail about their position or why they switched careers. But to keep prodding and harping on until you “catch them out” sends a message that they are presumed to be a liar before they even got to the interview. Yes some candidates do lie in interviews, but not all candidates do. 

Topgrading interviews remind me of those movies where innocent people get picked up by the military and tortured into giving them information-and they won’t quit until they’re satisfied. 

Here’s the good news. There are better ways to find out whether a candidate is best suited for a job. Ask us how

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