About us

Wayven Pienaar,  Consultant & CEO of WHP Consulting (Ltd). 

Following a short period in Journalism, my career in education started in Beijing in 2001 where I worked as a teacher for Beijing School of Finance and Economics. Since then, my education journey over the last 20 years has taken me globally as a Teacher, Counselor, Training & Development, Content writer, Head of Department, Manager in the MENA region, Europe and Asia.

WHP Consulting has been a long time coming. I knew this is where I ultimately wanted to end up – working together with educational institutions to solve problems that will have lasting impact in the lives of young people. I believe it is our job to find a way to restore and advance education for the betterment of students. What other reason are we in education for? To find out how I can help your organization, get in touch….I don’t bite. 

Fun fact: I am also a published writer 

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Wayven Pienaar

What we do

  • Simply put, we solve problems in the education sector.  Our job is to help you focus on and improve your value proposition in all facets of your organization, to all your stakeholders. 
  • Our experience and objectivity will help you to see things differently and to gain the clarity that has been needed to move forward.  This is not always an painless process. 
  • We recognize that education has been one of the hardest hit areas during the covid-19 pandemic and institutions are having to think on their feet in order to adjust to the massive changes affecting the sector. That’s why we’re here. 

Who we Help

Public Schools

Private Schools

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