Company Overview

WHP Consulting at a Glance

WHP Consulting is a small but fast-growing Human Resources consultancy and HR strategist. Our goal is to help small and large companies navigate complex HR issues. What companies need to understand is that an HR strategy or HR department should not exist in “isolation” but it has to be well-aligned with your company’s DNA. Why do you think employees are unhappy? Why are retention rates are low? Why is compensation & benefits still a challenge? When all the cogs in a wheel work together, watch that baby go! That’s what we do.

Founded in 2019 but brought to life in 2021, we provide a more entrepreneurial approach to our clients’ needs, saving them money and time while providing fresh ideas that are IR compliant. HR got a big wake-up call during the pandemic and those days of the traditional HR manager are well and truly over.

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Not Every HR Consultancy is Created Equal

The word HR has been used loosely but there are many facets to this all important business function. While most HR companies focus on the administrative side of human resources we do not.  

Business Strategy & HR

We are focused on business strategy and how your HR aligns with what your company does, its current, short-term and long-term goals.  One onboarding strategy is not going to suit the needs of every company. So our job is to assess your business, and what type of onboarding plan would work best. And this goes for every other aspect of your company such as, staff retention, performance management, recruitment & selection, and more. If your Human resources doesn’t align with everything that make your business unique, you’re bound to have problems, because then you’re opting for Standard HR, rather than combining it with innovation and optimizing it to suit your company needs, brand and uniqueness. 

Wayven Pienaar, Founder & Consultant

WHP Consulting was born out of my experience and interest in Human Resources. I started my career in Journalism but when I realised that Journalism had taken its last breath a long time ago, I shifted my focus to other careers including Education management, HR, Public Relations (hospitality sector), Project management, Business news writing and Government. Born in South Africa, I have over the last 25 years, lived and worked in several countries including China, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, France , the UK, South Korea and Georgia.
I have a degree in Media Studies from the University of South Africa, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (focused on HR and Strategic Management) from Queen Mary University of London and studied French at the Catholic University of Paris. During my internship at Bright Network UK, I gained invaluable experience learning from Price Waterhouse Coopers, BDO, Bain & Co, Earnst & Young, Capital One and secured a certificate in Professional Services & Consulting. I am also an APSO-qualified Individual Staffing Practitioner (ISP).