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WHP Consulting at a Glance

WHP Consulting is a small, but high-output Human Resources consultancy and HR Business strategist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our goal is to help small and large companies find solutions to complex human resource issues. We believe that an HR strategy or HR department should not exist in “isolation” but it has to be well-aligned with your company’s DNA. Why do you think employees are unhappy? Why are retention rates low? Why is compensation & benefits still a challenge? When all the cogs in a wheel work together, watch that baby go! That’s what we do. 

A young company, WHP Consulting was founded in 2019. We provide a more entrepreneurial/business approach to our clients’ needs, saving them money and time while providing short and long-term solutions that are both profitable and IR compliant and aligned with their business goals. HR got a big wake-up call during the pandemic and those days of the traditional HR manager are well and truly over. Our vision is to become the go-to consultancy for startups and SMEs and the outsource partner of choice for larger enterprises. 


“Their can-do attitude is impressive!” J. Grobler, Neuralnet Technologies

whp consulting,

We make it our business to understand your business

We work with businesses of all types and while we’ve seen a trend in similar problems one solution does not fit all. We make a point of understanding everything about your business in order for me to provide the best solutions that are focused on the short & long-term, saves you money, are people-centred and puts the client in charge. We are an authority on all things HR. 

WHP Consulting is in the Business of HR. We align our human resource solutions with what your company does, its values, its brand, its current, short-term and long-term goals, and your people. We have successfully helped clients create long and short-term recruitment plans, onboarding and offboarding models, helped them rework their compensation and benefits structure and more. Our job is to assess your business, and what type of HR solutions or plan would work best. If your Human resources doesn’t align with everything that make your business unique, you’re bound to have problems, because then you’re opting for Standard HR, rather than combining it with innovation and optimizing it to suit your company needs, brand and uniqueness. WHP Consulting is also a reliable and committed outsource partner. And if you’re a start up, we can build your entire human resource division from the ground up. Our services.

some of the problems we solve


Compensation & Benefits Design & Implementation

Employee Retention & Commitment

Onboarding & Offboarding Design & Implementation

HR/IR Administration

Human Resource Models

People Analytics

Change Management

Why Partner With WHP Consulting

You have ideas, goals and dreams for your company and we have the strategic,  solution-driven mindset to make it happen. But don't take my word for it. See what my clients say. 

Trent Simmons, Spirit of the Game Foundation Managing Director

Our international NGO became a victim of our own success in early 2022, going from 100 total volunteers globally to over 700 in just 4 months; and we were quite frankly overwhelmed. We brought Ms. Pienaar on board as a consultant, and she quickly and efficiently assesses our existing onboarding systems, suggested both long term and immediately applicable solutions, and honestly saved us a ton of headaches, as well as paving the way for future exponential growth. As long as we're able to access her incredible experience in the future, the sky's the limit for our organization. Thank you Wayven

Amy Ren, Biz English Academy CEO

Unlike many consultants, Wayven doesn't tell you what you want to hear. She's very direct and clear. We had trouble with staff retention and she was recommended because of her experience in education. We hired her to help us restructure our human resources, create a recruitment plan that matches our company budget and future objectives. She also developed a retention strategy and reworked our compensation and benefits structure. She saved us a lot of money and helped our management understand what their mistakes were. Not easy to hear but very necessary.

Neuralnet Technologies IT Consulting

Wayven assisted us with employment contracts that resulted in a win-win outcome for the company and employee. We will keep using them for all our HR requirements. The workflow was 100% effective, as Wayven assisted us immediately with any questions or concerns. Their can-do attitude was impressive!

Wesley Jurgens. WESTECH CEO

WESTECH is a technical service startup for the construction sector. We hired Wayven as a consultant to build our entire business systems and HR from scratch, while we focused on work. She exceeded our expectations. She implemented our taxes, HR software, financial systems, contracts, legal paperwork and created a path for further growth. Brilliant lady and now our exclusive HR partner.

WHP Consulting