Agile Change Management

With the vast amount of adjustments and changes that are occurring at a rapid pace due COVID-19 educational institutions find themselves in a position where they need to adjust and restructure the way they teach and operate. Not all those changes are going to be welcomed by all employees. Our work is to strategize and implement lasting change from top to bottom and enable our clients to manage those changes.

Collaboration and Performance Management

Collaboration is the process of two or more people, entities or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. As many institutions know this is not always a smooth and easy process and can be attributed to various factors such as varying personality types, company culture, lack of trust and employee backgrounds and perhaps the inability to give and receive honest feedback. However, collaboration has proven to boost productivity, allow creative problem solving that benefits the company, social engagement and allows everyone to work towards a common goal. Our role is to help staff learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, creating effective teams that will work well together, monitoring and measuring performance from start to finish.

Classroom Challenges

School closures have had very clear negative effects on students both young and old. And most schools, taking into account the current government regulations in their country, are eager to reopen and create a happy, social environment for learners again. Classrooms may see the same or even more challenging behaviour from students, especially since they may also have to adapt to a mask mandate. This will no doubt present a challenge for teachers but also affect students. Our role is to provide strategies for discipline, motivation, challenging behaviors, in a way that will boost morale rather than deflate students’ self-esteem

Strategic Hiring

Hiring staff should not only be a case of box-ticking, which it very often is. We see it all the time. And organizations wonder why they have staff that are ‘sick’ all the time, why they have a high staff turn-over, and why they have so many personality clashes. Strategic hiring goes beyond ticking the boxes and CCATs. It takes numerous factors into account in order to create cohesive teams and hiring the best leaders & management and a safe environment for students.  Let’s show you how to make your next hiring drive a strategic, well-thought-out plan.

Streamline work processes & Communication

Efficiency is one of the key success drivers for any institution, not just schools. It is not surprising that some educational institutions are still overwhelmingly disorganized. But what is surprising, is that many aren’t aware of it. Some of the biggest criticisms from educators and administrators have been the lack of organization, proper communication and flow. We all know what the domino effects of these are. We help schools create efficient working environments and communication flow that enhances productivity over the long term. 

Disheartened Educators

We have created a private and secure messaging platform where we objectively and professionally advise teachers who may be a little disheartened or have some difficulty at work that they need advice on. This service is absolutely free and we respect your privacy. More details can be found on our jobsite here


Technology in the classroom

If there is one thing that we can all agree on is that technology is the future and has over the last two years more than ever, impacted how students learn, how staff work, how human resources function and how communication takes place. While some schools have been able to implement digital solutions, there are many that are struggling. This is one of the biggest problems facing some institutions today. We help schools create digital transformation that is sustained over the long term.

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