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Only English Exam Prep Academy

Only English provides the best exam preparation for professionals and students who are seeking to take the international English exams listed below. Whether it is for career advancement, unlocking new opportunities or increasing earning potential, we can help. Corporate clients can easily integrate our program into their compensation and benefits structure or offer it as part of their learning and development scheme. This way they can ensure that their employees are advanced English speakers. 

The need for proficiency in English language is higher than ever before, particularly in the corporate world. No longer is it okay to “get by” as most companies prefer candidates and employees to be able to produce a variety of tasks that require competency and proficiency in English language. We understood this need. Thus, with our 10+ years experience in the education sector, we have combined our skill and expertise to bring professionals top notch language education. Visit the Only English website. 



diversity and inclusion


Highly experienced coaches with more than 10 years experience. 

Native English speakers

1-to-1 Lessons or groups of 4 (maximum)

Rigorous, detailed and challenging. 

Actionable training and premium materials

Online academic and technical support

Unlimited access to reading resources – to improve reading skills. These tasks are checked by coaches and students are given feedback 

Unlimited access to writing resources – to strengthen writing skills. Students can submit these tasks to coaches for feedback

Unlimited access to listening resources – to help improve listening skills. 

Free access to the grammar room – to help improve advanced grammar. Students can access exercises and submit to coaches for feedback. 


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