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strategic human resource solutions

Human Resource Services

Human Resource strategy, when aligned with organizational values, culture, people and objectives can serve as part of a well-oiled machine that can enhance company profit and serve as a soft landing for staff grievances. When it comes to developing an HR strategy, there is no one-size fits all approach. I look at each company individually and holistically and take into account practical external and internal influences before creating a solution to HR concerns. 

We are a 100% HR focused consultancy that loves solving problems, building systems, handling administration and working with people and businesses of all kinds. We have been fortunate to deliver work for IT Consultancies, NGOs, Educational institutions and more. Get in touch to see how we can assist you. 


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Your people are the lifeblood of your business but we know that sometimes managing your HR can be hard. That’s why we’re here. Whether you want to outsource one function or your entire HR, we’d be happy to help. We respect what you’ve built and treat your business as if it were our own.

We take care of your payroll administration, employee onboarding & offboarding, employee grievances, complaints, HR documents, Ensure that your company is HR compliant. 

Leave your company’s entire recruitment process to us. We use top HR tech and search portals to ensure you get the best hires. 


Our vision is to become the go-to consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses and start ups. Leaders in various industries contact us to find practical and strategic solutions to their HR problems. We rely on our expertise. We deliver on our promises. And we pride ourselves on integrity and transparency.  

We help clients to ensure that human capital serves the best interest of the company by creating and developing HR models specific to the companies that hire them. We help clients effectively use personnel to achieve their goals and objectives while also ensuring high levels of productivity and efficiency. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s managing change effectively. 

Whether your company is restructuring or implementing new information systems and technology, change has to be managed strategically and effectively. No two employees are the same and everyone will respond to change differently. 

We help clients implement efficient strategies to:

Execute changes

Controlling changes

Helping people to adapt to those changes with minimal hinderances  

The onboarding process starts where recruitment begins. 

We strategically design efficient onboarding and offboarding models that fits your business perfectly.

If you already have an onboarding/offboarding system that is not working, we assess where the problem areas are and advise on how to fix it. If your company does not have an onboarding/offboarding system in place we can design and implement one for you.

We also help companies by writing their tailor-made onboarding manuals and staff handbooks, detailing each step in the onboarding and offboarding process. 

People analytics is critical to business leaders to provide the data and insight that is needed to affect change. This is a very involved and often challenging process that requires internal and external research. We help companies understand how to optimise people analytics to add business value through helping you set up your data points and metrics and creating reports for anything you would like to measure or need exact and precise data for.  This can include:

Diversity and Inclusion (Test improvements in employee experience, belonging and fairness and more)

Employee Experience (Establish how employees are faring throughout different stages of their employment)

Retention (Labor market updates, key competitor trends, risk factors)

Workforce planning (Skills and workforce costs, employee promotions and more)

Talent Acquisition (Focused on hiring the right candidates for the market demands of the business)

How involved are your employees in the workplace? How do you gauge or measure their satisfaction? If your company has a concerning staff turnover, we help you get to the root of the problem that will save you money in the long run. Losing staff and hiring new staff is costly and time consuming. 

  • Is your salary structure in line with employment levels?
  • Are you making poor hiring decisions?
  • Is Management impeding or helping?
  • How consistent are employee satisfaction surveys?
  • We create and implement an engagement and retention strategy that would benefit your organization over the long-term. 

We draw up employment contracts that meets the guidelines and requirements as set out by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labor Relations Act. We can assist with: 

Permanent Work Contracts, Fixed Term Contracts and Freelance Contracts. 

Compensation and Benefits are not only guided by legislation but are a key factor in the recruitment and retention of employees. 

  • Our role is to help companies set up compensation and benefit structures by looking at all the components of compensation both from your company perspective and legislation. 
  • We look at financial and non-financial benefits that would best suit the company, role, the level of employment and job description, employee performance and more.
  • We look short & long-term incentives
  • We look at the internal environment in which your company operates, economic trends, external salary competitiveness.
  • We also look at whether the C&B structure could sustain itself over the long -term

Having an effective employee relations program in place cannot be overstated. We help companies understand the employment laws that govern their employees and help startups and SMEs:

Implement performance reviews

Disciplinary procedures



Fair and transparent people practices and more. 

Labour Law Guidance

Companies cannot afford to underestimate the importance of job analysis within their companies. Why is your turnover so high? Why are people unhappy about their salaries? Getting things right at its core, is key. We:

Study all existing positions within your company – identify activities & responsibilities of each one and compare its importance with other positions of the company. 

We identify the qualifications, knowledge and skills needed to perform the job, which leads to the review and implementation of job descriptions, which includes the job title and a list of essential tasks and responsibilities.  

Revising all job descriptions in your organization is useful, especially where it pertains to compensation. 

For the Entrepreneur

We can build your entire human resource department from the ground up. From hiring employees to contracts and legal paperwork to designing your HR models, onboarding, designing and implementing your compensation structure and selecting and implementing an appropriate HR Information system and much more. Why go it alone, when the experts can do it for you? Set up a zoom meeting to discuss. 


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