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Strategic Human Resources Consulting

Let us help you navigate complex human resources issues in your organization

An excellent HR strategy, when aligned with organizational values, culture, people and objectives can serve as part of a well-oiled machine that can enhance company profit and serve as a soft landing for staff grievances. When it comes to developing an HR strategy, there is no one-size fits all approach. I look at each company individually and holistically and take into account practical external and internal influences before creating a solution to HR concerns. A good solution focuses on the long-term, saves you money and ensures that you are compliant with legislation. 

Our Services

human resources, hr consulting, strategic hr management

Employee Wellbeing

The importance of well-being is not driven solely by compliance with legislation but by the recognition that a positively fit and healthy workforce positively impacts on business performance. 

Our service is to design a well-being strategy taking into account issues like: bullying, substance abuse, stress and harassment. 

Employee Engagement, Commitment & Retention

How involved are your employees in your organization? How do you gauge their satisfaction? Are you overlooking your employee needs? How engaged are they in the workplace? Let us create an engagement and retention strategy that would benefit your organization over the short and long-term

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and Benefits are not only guided by legislation but are a key factor in the recruitment and retention of employees.  Our role is to help companies set up compensation and benefit structures by looking at all the components of compensation both from a company perspective and legislation. 

Employee Performance

Does your company have a solid performance management strategy in place to monitor employee performance? Your HR Strategy is directly related to how your employees perform. Let us walk you through the stages of performance management, find out why employees are underperforming and assess training & development needs.

human resources, hr consulting, strategic hr management

HR Strategy & Organizational Structure

HR Strategy should be directly aligned with your organizational structure, culture and values. We help companies design a comprehensive organizational structure and strategy that will function as a well-oiled part of your business, and as a soft landing for employee issues which let's face it, could help you be more profitable.

Recruitment & Selection

For organizations moving away from employing the services of external recruiters, we take you through the entire hiring process from sourcing to onboarding. We advise on HR technologies that matches your organizational requirements and budget. We also advise on recruitment strategies, assessments, compensation and more. 

Sweet Words from our Clients

Trent Simmons, SoTG Foundation Managing Director

Our international NGO became a victim of our own success in early 2022, going from 100 total volunteers globally to over 700 in just 4 months; and we were quite frankly overwhelmed. We brought Ms. Pienaar on board as a consultant, and she quickly and efficiently assesses our existing onboarding systems, suggested both long term and immediately applicable solutions, and honestly saved us a ton of headaches, as well as paving the way for future exponential growth. As long as we're able to access her incredible experience in the future, the sky's the limit for our organization. Thank you Wayven

Amy Ren, Biz English Academy CEO

Unlike many consultants, Wayven doesn't tell you what you want to hear. She's very direct and clear. We had trouble with staff retention and she was recommended because of her experience in education. We hired her to help us restructure our human resources, create a recruitment plan that matches our company budget and future objectives. She also developed a retention strategy and reworked our compensation and benefits structure. She saved us a lot of money and helped our management understand what their mistakes were. Not easy to hear but very necessary.

    Running a business is tough. Your HR doesn't have to be.

    Struggling with your human resources? Onboarding, IR, grievances, compensation & benefits, Recruitment? If you’re an SME or startup facing HR challenges, let us take care of it for you. Whether you’re outsourcing your entire HR function or a specific function, we can help. 

    Alternatively, let us design an HR strategy tailored to your organization, that is sustainable over the long-term, saves you money, is compliant with legislation and puts you in charge. 

    Your HR Outsource Partner

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