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Internal Communications

Internal Communications with your employees is as vital as with your external stakeholders. We have combined our experience and qualifications in Journalism, Business, Human Resources and Operations to produce top notch employee-centred materials that communicates your business and your brand, in a way that is effective and informative and creative. We are able to serve most business sectors and industries and work with large and small organisations locally and internationally. Everything is strategically tailored to the nature of your business and company culture.


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People Analytics Reports

Need help with your PA reports? We can help. All we need is your data points and the results of your report and we’ll strategically create a comprehensive report with metrics that is suitable and aligned with your business. 

internal communications
Staff Handbooks/User Manuals

Whatever you would like your employee handbook to be, we can create it. We work closely with clients to ensure a comprehensive, detailed and informative employee handbook. 

internal communications
Policies and Procedures

Every company is unique with their own policies and the way in which they conduct their business. We ensure that  policies are strategically written and compliant with the standard employment laws of the country. 

On & Off Boarding Manuals

A vital part of the employment process is on and off boarding of employees. We can create an entire onboarding model to suit your business or write your standard on and offboarding manuals for you. 

Training Manuals

We work closely with trainers, corporate or otherwise, to ensure that we put together detailed, well-structured comprehensive training manuals of all kinds, for all industries and sectors. 

Company Newsletters

Emails from HR can get overwhelming for staff and what better way to inform staff of new developments within and outside of the company than a company newsletter. Our approach is informative, accurate, creative and fun. 

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