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Transactional Recruitment is a Thing of the Past

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Working from an end-to-end recruitment approach we aim to fully customize our recruitment services to match your organizational requirements.

Our job is to ensure that the candidate is “Job Fit” and “Culture Fit” and that client conditions are met, while also looking at the candidate’s transferable skills and assessment results to see how the candidate can benefit the client and vice versa. 

We are not a transactional recruiter but rather take a consultative approach. We hire strategically, based on the role, level of employment, personality requirements and assessment results. 

We carry out assessments (personality, CCATs) if required by the client and provided it meets the APSO code of ethics.  

As a young recruitment company we are attuned to the latest recruitment and HR technologies, as well as new workplace trends. We are data-driven and use business intelligence tools to help us deliver better/fast service to client and candidate. While these technologies enable us to provide a more efficient recruitment experience we embrace the fact that we are part of a people-centered business and rely on our own professional judgement rather than only on technology

There is nothing better than successfully placing the right candidate in the right position, with the right organization. In order to do this, we access high quality candidates, provide a comprehensive recruitment cycle while constantly communicating with our clients. 

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consultative recruitment
  • No more sifting through endless amounts of CVs. Let us take care of the process. You’ve got work to do. 
  • With our fast growing talent pool and access to quality candidates, we take the hassle and cost out of advertising 
  • Remote, Hybrid, Onsite. Our business is set up to function in and out of the office so we’re always accessible
  • The sourcing-to-onboarding process is an expensive one. Let’s save you time and money
  • We use HR technology tools to meet your exact requirements while applying our professional judgement so that you don’t miss out on potentially great candidates. 
  • Efficient and meticulous, expect us to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome.