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Internal Communications

Internal communications is as important as external, because all stakeholders count.  HR is notorious for sending hundreds of emails out to staff all hours of the day and night. Sometimes staff simply can’t keep up. We’ve learned a few things during our days in the HR department! 

WHP Communications is a professional writing services provider that works with companies of all sizes and industries. However, there are certain services that start ups and SMEs might benefit more from. Mind you, we’re a great communications outsource partner for large and small companies too. 

What we do:

  • We compile, prepare, write and design your Annual Reports with great proficiency and style
  • We prepare onboarding and offboarding manuals (written and video format) 
  • We write your company policies and procedures 
  • We write all your training materials and training manuals 
  • We write employee handbooks or user manuals (whatever an employee handbook means to you)
  • We can also produce monthly or weekly newsletters, thereby keeping your staff in the loop on all the great things happening in their workplace
  • We provide proofreading and editing services. You could even twist our arm to write that all important speech or report for you. 

For more information and to see how we can serve you better, please visit our communications website. Or alternatively, set up a zoom meeting to discuss.

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