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WHP Makes Top 100 B2B HR Consultancies List

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WHP Consulting Scores its First Review on Clutch

WHP Consulting is growing at a rapid pace. Our clients love us. A few years ago, it was nearly unthinkable for companies to outsource their HR functions. The logic of the day was that there was no way a person outside the organization could understand the needs of the company. 

The last few years have proven the flaw in these arguments and our team is at the forefront of championing the benefits of outsourcing HR services. We were looking for something to help convince clients that we were the real deal and now we have exactly what we needed.

WHP Consulting recently published our first review on the B2B platform Clutch and we’re glad to report that it has a five-star rating.

The company we worked with is an IT consulting firm that didn’t have an in-house HR team and needed help from a reliable partner to provide those services. They were able to find our website and decided to choose us for the project after a call with one of our representatives. Our main responsibilities included drafting and refining contracts for the client. Unfortunately, we can’t talk about any details regarding the project here. But those interested to get more information can read the full review on our Clutch profile.

One development we can talk about is our inclusion on the top 100 B2B HR consulting agencies on The Manifest. They are a company listing blog that creates rankings of the best companies in various industries all over the world. Our inclusion in such a list after just a single review is an unexpected but most welcome development. For a relatively young team like ours, this will provide a significant boost to our online presence in various ways. Their high-traffic and niche focus on the B2B industry will make us easier to find for potential clients. Additionally, our inclusion in such a list also establishes the high-quality of our services and proves we’re experts in the field.

We’re very excited that our clients helped us reach this unique achievement. We can only imagine what opportunities will be in store for us when we begin publishing even more high-scoring reviews. Learn more about our services and how we can help you reach another level with your operations by visiting our website today. If you need capable hands to help brings your great ideas a reality, don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to working with you soon.

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