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I provide a more entrepreneurial/business approach to my clients’ needs, saving them money and time while providing short and long-term solutions that are both profitable and IR compliant and aligned with their business goals. HR got a big wake-up call during the pandemic and those days of the traditional HR manager are well and truly over. My vision is to become the go-to consultancy for startups and SMEs and the outsource partner of choice for larger enterprises and institutions. 

Company Overview

WHP Consulting is a remote, high-output Human Resources consultancy and HR Business strategist based in Cape Town, South Africa, founded by Wayven Pienaar in 2019. My goal is to help small and large companies find solutions to complex human resource issues. I believe that an HR strategy or HR department should not exist in “isolation” but it has to be well-aligned with your company’s DNA.


My services span across a wide variety of industries and business sectors and I am constantly upskiling to stay abreast of the market place and consumer needs. To find out more about how I can help your human resources department, click on the button below to view my services. 

WHP Consulting