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Leaders in various industries contact us to find practical and strategic solutions to their HR problems. Each service is tailor made to suit the needs of every  client. This is by no means an exhaustive list of services, thus  if you can’t find what you are looking for, get in touch and I’ll advise if I can assist or not. 

We draw up employment contracts that meets the guidelines and requirements as set out by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as well as the Labour Relations Act. 

We assist with Permanent, Fixed-term and Freelance contracts.

C&B are not only guided by legislation but are a key factor in the recruitment and retention of employees. 

We look at financial and non-financial benefits that would best suit the company, the role, the level of employment and job description and much more. 

We look at the internal environment in which the company operates, economic trends and external salary competitiveness. And how the C&B structure will sustain itself over the long or short-term. 

No company should be without effective employee relations guidance. We help companies understand and navigate the laws that govern their employees. We also help startups and SMEs to: 

Implement performance reviews, disciplinary procedures, grievances, labour law guidance as well as fair and transparent people practices. 

Retaining employees these days can be a challenge. We help young companies understand:

Why employees are unhappy? Is management helping or impeding? Are you making poor hiring decisions? How consistent are staff engagement surveys? 

Losing staff and hiring new ones are costly and time consuming. Better to fix it before it breaks. 

People Analytics is vital in helping companies make business decisions and effect change in their human resources. 

People Analytics drives data driven, fact based decision-making, that gives businesses a heads up on whether to proceed or pause, based on the effect employees will have on business goals. 

People Analytics helps companies deal with problem areas, compliance, employee retention, performance and change within their organisations.  

Startups and SMEs often want to focus on the future of their business and the time consuming nature of doing payroll, doesn't allow that. That's where we can help. You can outsource part of your payroll or all of your payroll. 

We provide a diverse range of performance metrics that suits the needs of your company and the performance you wish to measure. We can measure the performance of a business function, staff performance and more. 

The onboarding process starts where recruitment begins. It is essential that new staff feel assured and confident in their decision to join your organisation.  We help design a smooth, detailed, step-by-step onboarding processes, as well as a hassle-free offboarding process that matches the nature, brand and culture of your business.


Outsourcing your human resources has never been easier. I take care of your HR Administration, Payroll, On and offboarding, Employee relations and more. Whether you want to outsource a single part of your human resources or your entire HR function, I can help. 


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We can build your entire human resource department from the ground up. From hiring employees to contracts and legal paperwork to designing your HR models, onboarding, designing and implementing your compensation structure and selecting and implementing an appropriate HR Information system and much more.

Leave your human resources in capable, experienced hands while you take care of business. 

WHP Consulting